It's Thursday

No thrilling or throwback Thursday today!  But I thought I'd at least write something!  But first, I can't write without a picture - so here you go!   Wednesday was Administrative Professionals Day - and these beauties arrived first thing!  I love having fresh flowers on my desk.  I swear the make me more productive!  Or at least they give my eyes a break from the computer.  

time: quitting time.  at least from my office.  I'm about to head out to dinner with a friend.

drinking: water.  lots and lots of water.  But only in with crushed ice.  Ever since I was sick in February I much have ice.  I guess I just got in the habit.

watching: not much.  I just finished the first season of Orphan Black.  I need something new.

loving: sunshine.  and warmish breezes.  even though there is pollen.

thinking: about how a big, behind the scenes change is happening when it comes to my free time.  It's bittersweet, but I'm more happy than sad.

needing: a new mattress.  right now.  the idea of making the decision is daunting, but I'm just going to have to get over it.

making: a few things every once in a while, but not terribly motivated.  I've got ideas...but am struggling to make what I create look like those ideas in my head.  But I know I tend to work in phases like this.  inspiration will hit soon, I'm sure of it.  

enjoying: sleep.  oh, how I am enjoying sleep.  and greek salads.  and grilled cheese sandwiches.


In a bit of a funk...

Let's be honest - sometimes it's possible to just be in a bit of a funk.  And I am so there.  Too many things in limbo, too many thought processes being revamped.  It's not a bad thing, necessarily, but it's limbo land.

But, instead of wallowing around in the funk, I'm going to focus on goals and fun stuff! :)

  1. I've got more time to be crafty.  The past couple of weeks I've been just kind of lazy during my spare time, but now I'm ready to hit it.
  2. Hoping that this week or the beginning of next week I'll have some resolution on this knee pain I've been having.  So looking forward to having an answer and getting back to some exercise normalcy. Shoot, I'm looking forward to just not thinking about it all of the time.
  3. I've got a fun trip planned at the beginning of June.  To the Syracuse area of all places.  I've never been that far north - or even remotely close - let the "explore America" adventure begin!  I'm excited to see this part of my family (who I've never really spent much time with), too.
  4. Seriously thinking about a quick trip to the beach.  I haven't had my toes in the sand since last January. It's time.
  5. Spring cleaning time - it feels good!
And speaking of crafty!


Thrilling Thursday

Today is Thrilling Thursday, but instead of a inspiring design photo, I'm sharing a layout.  It's thrilling to me, because I had one of my most productive crafty days last weekend.  And I'm happy to share!  This is also one my first official "mixed-media" layouts as there is some serious Gelato action going on in the background. :)


Scrap It Girl April Challenge

Happy April Fool's Day!  I'm so not a joker...wish I was...but I'm terrible at keeping a straight face or not telling the truth.  I can't stand it.  So, no jokes for me :)

April brings a new challenge with Scrap It Girl and this month it's all about using bags and tags.  Use them on anything or as a stand-alone idea.  I hope you'll join us by clicking here and adding your project to the link list.

Here's what I created!  The only sad thing is after it was all said and done...I realized that Ewok is spelled without a C!  Shoot.  Oh, well.  It happens, sometimes.


Thrilling Thursday

That ceiling is awfully moody for me - but somehow it just works.  I love the shadows on the ceiling!  


Art Journaling

I've been steadily filling up my art journal.  It's been quite the learning process.  And while I'm still at the point where I finish a page and am not completely happy with it, I'm trying to embrace the idea that art journaling for me is about the actual journaling and also about practicing different materials and methods.  I've never been a keeper of a written journal.  I do a quick typewritten daily thing using Oh Life, but I've found that writing it with my own hand feels more personal and even more cathartic.  Here's my art journal as of today. Some pages are finished - some are not.

For some reason I feel the need to note that I did this page long before I ever heard that Frozen song.  :)

Practicing a round-about journaling trick - writing lines over lines.

Watercolor painted onto an acrylic block, then stamped.

I'm so sad about this page!  It's just sticky, no matter the drying time.  And this is my first ever "person", but she ripped because the pages stuck together.  Oh well.

My test writing...no message, just writing.  I'll come back to this page, I'm sure.

A gelli print on cardstock that I taped in.

I saw a painting in a store that was abstract like this, so I gave it a go.  Not really my style, but I was excited that you can actually tell it's a face.

Using gelatos for the first time - they were easier to use than I expected.

Well, it certainly didn't feel like I'd done that many pages until I started loading these photographs.  Can't wait to get my hands dirty again!

What about you?  Are you art journaling?  What's your favorite artsy - method.


CSI - Spring Blog Hop!

Happy Spring!  And happy blog hopping with Craft Storage Ideas!  We are all sharing our favorite storage solution in our crafty spaces!  I've shared mine before, but it's definitely worth sharing again - it's my Scrap Rack!

It's so incredibly useful and there is something very freeing about having everything I need, including my stamps right at my fingertips.

Now that you've seen my favorite thing, be sure to follow along to the rest of our contributors!  Here's a list!

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